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The Race Weekend

REV Grand Prix Club and our members are setting off on a global journey to explore the intersection of racing, culture + lifestyle in the exclusive cities that host F1® races. 

Our specialist REV team and global network of influencers researches and visits each destination months before the race to uncover the most authentic local experiences spanning cars, food, drink, fashion, art, design, music and travel. Alongside this, our collection of F1® ambassadors seek out unusual details and hidden perspectives to offer a fresh take on the racing action.

A package of our discoveries- a mix of exclusive content, products and experiences—is sent to members two to four weeks in advance of each city’s Grand Prix. This package allows fans at home to feel like they are participating in the race weekend, and helps those traveling to the race maximize their trip. It also guides first-time race visitors in determining which Grand Prix may become their once-in-a-lifetime journey.


The REV Race Weekend Package